Why DEC LensRegain?

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Why DEC LensRegain? Why DEC LensRegain?

LensRegain Regain your Frame

The Aputure DEC LensRegain for MFT adds a focal reducing optical element. That makes it not only a follow focus and adapter, but also a device that gives cropped sensor cameras a full-frame-like view. Specifically, the DEC LensRegain for MFT allows you to use EF lens. It enhances MTF performance and also adds an additional stop of light.

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LensRegain Regain your Frame LensRegain Regain your Frame

0.75 Super 35mm View x Magnification

The 0.75x degree of magnification is deliberately chosen. To get you the equivalent of a Super 35mm camera when a Canon EF 50mm lens is attached to a MFT camera body. With the simple attachment of the DEC LenRegain, your MFT camera will produce images like those from industry-standard Super 35mm cameras.

0.75 Super 35mm View x Magnification 0.75 Super 35mm View x Magnification
0.75 Super 35mm View x Magnification

Adjustable via Control Box Buttons

DEC LensRegain has updated its control box buttons,
from now on, you can control focus and aperture through control box also.
*AB focus switch can be set via DEC grip

Adjustable via Control Box Buttons

Add an additional Stop of Light, T-Stop Display

In terms of exposure, the DEC LensRegain also adds to your maximum aperture by one stop of light. That means your f/1.4 lens will work like that of an f/1.0 lens. With this advantage, a lower ISO can be set in low light shooting, and a higher shutter speed can be set while still maintaining the proper exposure. To more accurately determine exposure in relation to this additional stop, the new T-stop is also displayed on the DEC LensRegain's OLED screen.

Add an additional Stop of Light, T-Stop Display Add an additional Stop of Light, T-Stop Display

Performance Enhancer

In addition to getting a full-frame-like view, the DEC LensRegain has seven layers anti-reflective coatings on each of its 4-element, 4-group optical elements. It reduces the view of an EF lens to 0.75x and also brings more information and light to each bit of your camera’s sensor. Due to the meticulously crafted quality of this extra optical element, the DEC LensRegain boasts exceptional performance when being judged in relation to MTF, anti-distortion, and anti-dispersion.

Follow-Focus meets Focus-Reducer

We're proud show that the DEC LensRegain is competitive as not only a follow focus, but also a focal-reducing-adapter built in one. The 2.4G wireless frequency allows you to wirelessly follow focus, remotely start/stop recording, and adjust aperture. The internal focal-reducing element allows you to regain the equivalent field of view of a full-frame camera. With a camera package so light, you'll be free to create what nobody has been able to achieve before.

Follow-Focus meets Focus-Reducer Follow-Focus meets Focus-Reducer

New Updates, Straight from the A-Team

We believe that user experience comes first. Beyond the optical element, there are also some additional changes that have been updated from the previous DEC. The DEC LensRegain also features a new all metal build and an extra 1/4" mount to both protect it from breaking and for easier mounting onto your existing equipment, like electronic stabilizers, and steadicam, rocker arm sideways. There is also a separate extended cable and bracket, to allow for a wider range of possible set ups. You asked for it. We made it. It's the DEC you've been waiting for.

New Updates, Straight from the A-Team New Updates, Straight from the A-Team